Westenhavers 2014

My name is Hildie (yep, short for Hildegard).  I’ve got a lovely husband and six children (India, 20, York, 18, Finn, 16, Arabella, 14, Adelaide “Ada”, 10, and Jasper, 9).  Austin, Texas is my home, although I was born and raised in Detroit. I have a jillion hobbies and interests that I have developed over the years. They bring me so much happiness; I hope I can help you feel accomplished and talented even if you don’t think you are. My philosophy is that the more things you know how to do around your home, the happier you’ll be.

I am smart. I am sarcastic. I am sassy. But if I were just those things I would be a brat. I am also kind, spiritual, creative and cheerful.  Mostly I like to tell it like it is on this blog. I believe that being true and honest is essential to happiness (But not totally honest. Because that could get a little gross). I don’t want to give you a veneer of perfection because, well, I hate when people do that.

Most of the things I do revolve around my family and my house.  I’m Mormon (like the six kids didn’t give that away); I love polka dots, buying stuff online and eating in bed.

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