On my doorstep

My sister is my best friend. I hated and loathed her growing up, but once we hit high school and college all those petty issues (like her birth) seemed to not matter anymore. We love to hang out so I was very disappointed when she announced that she was pregnant… Read More

That crazy, crazy lady

Today is my mother’s birthday. I love her tons but she is one weird person. If you have ever met her you know what I am talking about. Look how normal she seems in this picture! (Let’s gloss over my pre-teen ugliness.) But she is wearing a wig (she came… Read More

I’m alive!

I haven’t posted on my blog in two weeks. That’s my record. It was due to a couple of things: I was in Utah/Colorado/New Mexico/Texas for over a week; most of the time driving or having fun. Then I came home and realized the my poor laptop is just about… Read More


(This picture captures her personality perfectly) My mother, known by the grandkids as “Boppie”, just left after a two week visit. She spent a lot of her time doing this: (otherwise known as finishing up my sewing projects. Although during this visit I think she was  stuck making a couple of… Read More

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

We’re back from two fun-filled weeks in the Beehive State.  And when I say fun-filled, I mean overflowing with fun every single day; up-til-1:30-every-night fun; so much fun that being home again is a complete let-down (am I the only one who thinks of breastmilk every time they hear that… Read More


I just got back from taking my kids to the zoo.  This is all I have to say . . .  Texas is hot. The end. By Hildie | Filed under Family, Kids, Texas 9 Comments Share

Happy anniversary, have a snake!

Oh my gosh, I just realized that today–yes today–is my one year anniversary of blogging!  Haven’t my faithful readers, all five of you, learned a lot of silly, unimportant things about me? Mostly that I love sweets and hate doing anything hard, especially the laundry.  Or any household chores for… Read More