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All you people out in blogland are familiar with NieNie, I presume.  Her fab sister Courtney writes with me at Segullah. Her personal blog is a fantastic reflection of what a funny, smart, talented, deep-thinking girl/woman/lady she is.  As a fundraiser for Stephanie’s family, we Segullah girls/women/ladies have edited Courtney’s… Read More

What am I going to do with you?

So gas prices go down, the stock market climbs a smidge and suddenly there’s no motivation for getting you food storage anymore?  And after I wrote that motivational post last week? (well, it got Tiburon into gear!  Go Tib!) So Harlene was my only good girl! Because this is so… Read More

I hate politicians, but I also hate the media

I am sick to death of politics.  I’m not wild about the Republicans or the Democrats, because it’s just a bunch of talking heads/schemers/lie-tellers.  I read this article in Meridian Magazine by Orson Scott Card that makes me even more upset–with the journalists who are covering politics. Would the Last… Read More

Where I’m at

I’m writing over at Segullah today. My husband is horrified that I would air out some of my family’s dirty laundry, but he should know me better by now.   (It’s only dirty laundry if it’s spiteful or gossipy.  Not if it’s for a good cause.) By Hildie | Filed… Read More

This week’s food storage item

I haven’t heard a peep from anyone about their canned meat.  Are you guys blowing off this item? I think tuna fish is pretty much the foulest food there is, but I went and bought some anyway (Mister likes it.  Maybe he can convince the kids it’s OK.)  So as… Read More

John Henry is a mighty man

Ada’s favorite movie is American Legends, the Disney collection of shorts about Johnny Appleseed, Casey Jones, Paul Bunyan and my favorite, John Henry.  I’ve seen this DVD about 100 times at least, but each time I cry when I watch it.  When the workers are wondering how they can build… Read More

Who are the good girls?

 A lot of you already had rice.  Good for you! Gold stars to: Jenn  Tiffany Harlene Lisa Kelly Mindi I know I’m forgetting people, so let me know if you deserve a gold star too.  You’re going to love this week’s item!——->>>>> By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 2 Comments… Read More