National Pastime

Finn is in baseball right now.  Because we live in a warm place, little league is not just a summer thing.  Nope.  You can play in Spring and Fall too, if you are that dedicated crazy.  If football is something your boy likes, he has a choice of flag or… Read More

Man in white

Are you Mormon?  Does your man wear a white shirt to church?  Why or why not?  That’s what I’m discussing today at Segullah . By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 3 Comments Share

Groovy headlines

This is quite possibly the best news headline EVER:   Rescue Planned for Woman Trapped in Home by Giant Pig Oh, Fox News, you had me at “giant pig”.  The story is short, but ever so sweet.  You can read it HERE. By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 4 Comments… Read More

This week’s food storage item

 Our numbers are dwindling!  This week our successful spice purchasers are: Tiffany Arianne Harlene Carolyn Jenn Mindi (who gets several gold stars for sticking with it every single week.) If you’ve been slacking off, it’s not too late to get back in the game!  Just jump in where you are!… Read More

Sorry for the delay

Not having a laptop at my disposal is really cramping my style. Cheers to all of you who got your sugar: ArianneTiffanyTamaraCarolynLisaJennHollyEmmie-Lew Mindi? Harlene? Heather? Where have you disappeared to? Here are this week’s items —–>>>>> By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 1 Comment Share

It’s a call-out!

Before I start our food-storage item for next week, I’d like to know who has gotten their sugar. I have a few people. Who’s been a good girl? Could I just get a bit of sympathy for a moment. I have broken yet another charger for my laptop (actually, I… Read More

Just another Saturday

Ike is winding down and it looks like we won’t be getting so much as a drop of rain. There is always a dry zone that goes along with a hurricane, and so far the dry zone is sitting over Austin. I was really hoping that my lawn would get… Read More

Thar she blows

We’re getting ready for the big hurricane. The weather is expected to be very windy and rainy here in central Texas. Mister has been watching the one news channel we get and they’re being very sensationalistic about Austin’s weather situation. Mister tends to be emotional and is starting to get… Read More