In case you hadn’t heard, Texas is hot.  Fortunately I live in central Texas which is much less humid than Houston or Dallas.  But that hardly matters since it’s been so unbelievably scorchy lately.  Usually there are 11 days of 100º + temperatures each summer.  Last year there were three.… Read More

Food storage item(s) of the week

All right, my lovelies.  Here’s this week’s food storage items. These will be a breeze.——->>> Here’s who bought their flour last week: Tiffany Emmie-Lew Carolyn Lisa Mindi Lonna Suzanne-are you the one who already had their flour and wheat? That leaves a whole bunch of people who haven’t gotten their… Read More

I’m it!

I’ve been tagged by Heather at Twin Birch who, despite living in a state with NO Target stores (hard to believe, I know), makes me die with envy over her super sweet soapmaking skillz. (You can buy her stuff on Etsy.) I now have to list six random things about myself.… Read More

I’m wondering . . .

 . . . why nobody has told me they’ve gotten their flour yet.  Is everyone so busy that they haven’t once been to the store?  Doubtful.  Today is your last day.  This is one of the most important (if not THE most important) item you’ll have in your food storage.… Read More


I sure do love to read obituaries.  I’m not too fond of the sad ones where a child dies, but I like to read about the old timers.  See where they were born and grew up.  What kind of kooky names they had (“Ida Belle Reimerstiller Jones Kreilcamp. Known to… Read More

Annie Bacterial

I have a friend, let’s call her Annie Bacterial, who is one of those anti-germ freaks.  She is always washing her hands, making her kids wash their hands, and never goes anywhere without Purell. Seriously, the second Annie’s kids or husband walk in the door, they MUST wash their hands.… Read More

It’s Saturday

You know what that means?  It’s the last day for your Peanut Butter shopping spree. So far we have a couple of newbies joining us: Suzanne (who is already on the ball and has gotten her oats and PB) Heather (the only one who can complain about not having enough… Read More


I don’t want anyone to die of jealousy, but I fell asleep last night at 9:30 ( I keep having really late nights that finally have caught up with me) and slept the entire night until 7 am.  Slept like a dead person. My family must have been very concerned,… Read More

Mr. Guiness and Mr. Ripley

I don’t know who, exactly, these two gentlemen are, but their legacies are the most popular topic around our house. You may have a vague remembrance of Ripley’s Believe it or Not and The Guiness Book of World Records. I remember the former being a somewhat creepy and perplexing show… Read More