Come on Harlene!

(That’s supposed to be sung to the tune of “come on Eileen”.)  Who are you?  I can’t link to you at all?  I love your witty comments but I don’t know the first thing about you.  Fess up!   P.S. Did you buy your oats yet? By Hildie | Filed… Read More


What: giveaway featuring chocolate Who: my sister When: pretty soon How: go to her blog and post a comment.   Why: She needs to boost her blog-esteem.  She’s witty and beautiful like me (it runs in the family), so you’ll like her a lot.  By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized… Read More

When did I see my father?

Mister and I went to see a movie last night called When Did You Last See Your Father? starring the still-dreamy-after-all-these-years Colin Firth. It’s a small, quiet English film about a man and his father.  The father is quickly dying of cancer, and Colin Firth spends most of the time reflecting… Read More


My sister-in-law dragged me to a fancy cheese shop a few days ago. I’m not a huge fan of cheese (although we did have a lovely Stilton with bits of fruit in it) but cheese shops usually have chocolate too. I found a chocolate bar that I simply could not… Read More

Let’s do it!

For those of you doing my preparedness plan, it’s time to get started. Here’s this week’s item.————–>>>>>>>>>   When will you be going to the store?  Put oats on your list!   P.S.  If you know anybody who may need a little help in the food storage department, invite them to… Read More

Hey, guess what!

I’ve got a great new idea for all my blogging sisters! (maybe a couple of brothers too). Watch this little video first: The economy is dismal and only getting worse. Natural disasters are happening more and more often. Food shortages are occurring everywhere on this planet, even here in the… Read More