Hooray for the package guy

The package guy (AKA the UPS/ Fedex man) was most bounteous yesterday. I received not one, but two packages. Not just ordinary packages either. Packages full of food. Free food!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a jar of salsa at SuperTarget and the lid just didn’t seem to be screwed on right. I though about eating it anyway because I was really in the mood for chips and salsa, but death by botulism didn’t really seem like a good trade-off. I love to contact companies about their products so I was on the phone to Desert Pepper ASAP. I’m not about to waste $4.99! (I do call companies to offer praise occassionally, not just complain.)

Fast forward to yesterday when I received not just a coupon, but an actual replacement bottle of salsa, and an extra one too. (Black bean and corn. Yum!) I love good customer service!

I also happened to win a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes (thanks Light Refreshments Served!) I was disappointed that it wasn’t five times larger. I ate half and shared the other half with my seven family members. We had devoured it within, literally, three minutes. (OK, I took five. Still piggish, though.) I happen to love bundt cakes. This one was wonderful. The cream cheese frosting came in a large squeeze bottle that you add yourself after the cake is unpacked. I actually squirted it into my mouth after we ate the cake. That’s how good it was (and how dedicated I am to sugar consumption). 

Aren’t you so jealous?

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5 thoughts on “Hooray for the package guy

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever received any food in the mail. How nice that would be! And I am SO impressed about the salsa replacement. Things like that make me such a loyal customer, even when they’re vicarious.

  2. Okay, so this is the Jennie I love. The one who enjoys sugar rather than denies herself one of the finer (pun intended) things in life. That cake looks delish. I want a slice of it right now. The salsa sounds tasty too. I’m with you on the appreciation for customers exercising good customer service practices. So are you still not eathing sugar other than this? Are you still on that track or what?

  3. It would make my life to receive that cake in the mail, looks super yummy. I bet I could devour it in 2 mins if that made you feel any better.

  4. Oh, so jealous.

    I love to get anything in the mail and food would be the BEST!! I am still trying to figure out how to get fresh baked goods in the mail…

    Hmmmm…someone should really start that company.

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