Accessories–I have a bit of a weakness

Don’t most girls like accessories? I think we do. Especially since accessories always fit. You can just have given birth and weight the most you will ever weigh, and your necklace will still fit just fine. I love that.

I happen to be a fan of cheap accessories. I’m not the kind of girl who’ll spend a lot of money on a purse. For one thing, I prefer quantity over quality. I’d rather have a bunch of cute, cheap things rather than one expensive, nice thing. For another thing I happen to find expensive things (purses in particular) are more for people who need the status that they imagine a fancy purse brings. Those purses with the big logos all over them are the worst! Why don’t you just carry a sign that says, “I have a low self-esteem and need the validation that a logo provides!”

Don’t even start about quality. That’s always the excuse people give when they’re trying to justify an expensive purchase: that it will last forever. Most everything is made in China (even fancy companies have been busted for importing things from China then replacing the labels with “Made in France”) Besides, who wants to carry the same purse for ten years? After one or two seasons I’m done.

All the fancy jewellery I have has come from my favorite jeweler, Costco. I even got the stone in my wedding ring from Costco. I just love the feeling of getting my money’s worth. But for the day to day jewellery that I wear, I like it inexpensive. I don’t want to stress about losing it. (I don’t mind spending a little bit extra for something handmade, though.)

So when I heard Sam Moon was finally opening a store in Austin I screamed with delight (literally, I did). Sam Moon is a group of stores here in Texas (yet another reason why it’s the best state!) that are HUGE and full of nothing but accessories. Well, they do have a few other things (luggage and lots of Longhorn paraphernalia) but mostly accessories. And this stuff is CHEAP. I doubt there is anything in that store for more than $20. It’s so incredible.

I took a few photos last time I was in there to show you what they have.

Wallets? Yes, they have a few.

Purses? Oh yes. Although most are the large variety which I dislike because it makes me feel like I’m carrying around a diaper bag and those days are (happily) over.
Necklaces, anyone? Every color and variety under the sun.
Let’s not forget belts. Sparkly or plain, they have what you need.

Next time you’re in Texas, you need to stop at Sam Moon! (Dallas/Ft.W, Houston and Frisco all have stores).

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10 thoughts on “Accessories–I have a bit of a weakness

  1. I am fairly new to your blog and let me tell you …I LOVE it!!! But this post had me singing the high "AAAAAAAAAAA" note that you sing when something is heavenly (please tell me you know what I'm talking about) I LOVE accessories! My husband does. not. get it. Thanks for sharing Sam Moon. I can add to my Christmas list now!

  2. Stopped on Saturday!! Can't wait to go back!! Although that parking lot is probably one of the worst designed ones I've seen!!

  3. …I want that store.

    I am so jealous right now. I have such a purse fetish it's disgusting. (Though a lot of the "in" purses right now don't really suit my taste…)

  4. I do not now, and never will, "get" purses. I HATE to carry one. I have a "backpack" purse only because I have to carry baby items. My favorite purse ever was a mere wallet that could also fit a lipstick.

    I do see a cuteness quotient, but until I have the luxury of being "baby-free", I'll have to stick with practical.

  5. Wait! I didn't know that was what Sam Moon was! You need to go with me and make me buy something cute! I am in need of something cute!

  6. I am so with you on the purses. I have never purchased and expensive purse, especially one with it's name smeared all over it. I buy most of mine at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, in the clearance section! And, guess what? I get tons-o-compliments on my purses.

  7. I agree. I buy cheap watches because I have 10 diffrent ones for each color scheme I might waer. And when they break or the battery dies…NEW ONE! Same with purses and other accessories. Ya, Sam Moon was super awesome.

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