Let’s pause for a parenting tip

This is a parenting tip that I just barely learned with baby #5. it’s so advanced and so counterintuitive that only the most advanced parents may employ it*:

If your child starts to throw up, DO NOT pick the child up and dash madly for the closest bathroom. You will only leave a giant trail of barf behind you. Instead just stand there with your vomiting child, feeling helpless and grossed out (and mortified if you’re in public). But all the throw up will be in one little spot, not all over the western hemisphere.

*Ironically I learned this from a woman who only has one child. So I guess I shouldn’t act like such a know-it-all.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s pause for a parenting tip

  1. My favorite "barf tip"–make barfing child sleep in bathtub lined with old towels. Cleanup is SO much easier!

  2. Another reason to follow your newfound rule: How about a little empathy for the barfing baby? I mean, imagine yourself blowing chunks, and simultaneously having some giant grab you around the middle and whisk you around the house! I understand the panic about having to clean up vomit from the carpet, but I have been known to offer my own shirt as a makeshift dropcloth. It's super gross, but it's so much easier to wash (or just throw out!) than the carpet.

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