Item of the Week–Lighters and matches

Have you ever had the power go out and you can find candles but you can’t find anything to light them with? That always happens to me.

Unless you’re really into starting fires with steel wool and batteries, I suggest you get a couple of extra lighters and a box of matches.
This should be one of the easiest weeks since you can get these things just about any place: Craft store, grocery store or even at the 7-11. Get at least two lighters and a big box of matches.
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One thought on “Item of the Week–Lighters and matches

  1. I learned from someone who had their power shut off for non-payment, that if you're going to live by candle light, you need TWICE AS MANY matches as you think. He looked at my supply and said "you need a lot more than THAT!"

    A tip I hope we never have to use… 🙂

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