Hobby Week–Embroidery FAIL

Lest you think that I am very gifted in the homemaker arts, let me tell you about embroidery. I got very jazzed a couple of years ago about all the darling stuff I could embroider. I even blogged about it here. Shortly thereafter I started embroidering a dish towel (or… Read More

Fun in the afternoon

You might think once your kids are all at school that some afternoon delight might be in order. But there’s a big difference between fun during the day and fun at night: at night you don’t have to worry about the school nurse calling to tell you that your daughter… Read More

Grossness on a plane

I realized on the plane to Minneapolis (for this, which is wonderful. At least for the six hours I’ve been here) that I am a mathist. I am biased against people who like math. The man sitting next to me today had a big bunch of printouts with complicated looking… Read More

Pet peeves

Today I was driving around running errands (the single reason why Saturday exists) when I stopped near a corner store that advertised on the ugly sign out front that they offer homemade cookies. Now, unless someone is squatting in the back room of the mini mart, I’m guessing that the… Read More

Utah makes me sick!

Literally. I’m going on my third week of pneumonia which I caught in Utah at the beginning of my trip. The combination of polluted, dirty air (and I thought Inversion only happened in the winter!), the climate as dry as a bone (my eyes felt like shriveled raisins the whole… Read More

Itching for a scratch

Central Texas has quite the infestation of mosquitoes this year. We had a very wet spring and now we are celebrating buy buying lots of cans of insect repellant. We have the typical dusk-loving mosquitoes, but this year there seems to be a brazen new strain of bugs that come… Read More

I’m alive!

I haven’t posted on my blog in two weeks. That’s my record. It was due to a couple of things: I was in Utah/Colorado/New Mexico/Texas for over a week; most of the time driving or having fun. Then I came home and realized the my poor laptop is just about… Read More

Live. Laugh. Love.

Am I the only one who can’t stand the moronic idea behindLive. Laugh. Love.? I mean, what is this supposed to inspire people to do? Am I supposed to look at this sign at someone’s house and think, “Boy, I sure wanted to kill myself but then I saw that… Read More

The school year draws to a close

Can you believe that school is almost over and I haven’t complained once about all the silly end-of-school activities that are happening? Welp, here it comes. Basically the last two weeks are nothing but fun times. The kids stop learning ten days before school ends because, hey, why not? Who… Read More