Super Horrid

Well, it’s another Makeupless Monday.  I’m very sorry but this weekend has been hellish.  Mister found out on Friday that he will be losing his job. Suck, suck and double suck. Please remember us in your prayers.  Hopefully we’ll find a job soon and in the meantime we’ll be happy,… Read More

The Easter Party

Yesterday was the Easter party at Ada and Jasper’s preschool.  School Parties and I just don’t get along.  There are so many reasons.  Let’s explore: I have six children. Would you want to run any errands with six kids? Neither would I. When the kids are in school I have… Read More

Will you come to my funeral?

Pardon me while I commit suicide.  Haagen-Dazs has discontinued my favorite flavor: Fleur de Sel Caramel.  Why? Why?  Why?  Couldn’t they at least have warned me? I would have stockpiled if only I’d known!  Everything on the news has been about recessions and health care when the real issues like… Read More

A tale of two unrelated things

This is pretty hard to believe but I don’t have an iphone.  This is especially weird since we are a Mac-only household.  We thoroughly look down on PC users and wonder what is wrong with those people.  My husband waited in line all night when the iphone first came out… Read More

Good girl gone bad

I decided we were finally going to do it. Today is the day we were going to be rolling into church 45 minutes late. We are not the super-late kind of people. We might squeak in during the opening hymn, but we’re not those people who blow off all of… Read More

Jeans–why do you hate me so?

You guys, all this week I’ve been trying on jeans. I used to not mind trying on jeans. They were just another pair of pants. But things aren’t so good now. I’m especially dreading the oncoming return of skinny jeans because they do not do my extremely hourglass figure (i.e.… Read More

Don’t. Hate. Me.

All right you guys.  I try very hard not to be picky about what other people do.  Growing up I was notorious for correcting other people’s grammar.  Yes, it’s both obnoxious and unkind, and really who cares? If you want to drop the -ly off of your adverbs, be my… Read More

Hey, funny pants

Every once in a while Mister likes to psyche me out and pretend to have died.  Hilarious, no? There was the time he was trying to fix our washing machine and got a gigantic shock.  “The shock went up one arm and down the other,” he told me. I wasn’t… Read More