Children Are Not All the Same.

Today is the 7th birthday of my youngest girl, Adelaide Amelia Clementine.  For her birthday she asked for a skateboard, a Texas Longhorns T-shirt, new tennis shoes, and a basketball hoop that is more her size. Can you say tomboy? (Sweet shot, Ada!) Finn, on the other hand, did not… Read More

Finn and the Urine of Mystery

Today my son Finn is thirteen. That puts the number of teenagers at my house to three.  This is what I didn’t know about kids growing up: the older they get, the more fun they are.  Teenagers are really cool. Much cooler than toodlers and about a jillion times cooler… Read More

Get Thee Behind Me, Sugar

So, it’s time to fess up about my New Year’s Resolutions. We won’t get into the sordid details of every single one, but the big one has been giving up sugar. Which I have done. Sugar and I have gone our separate ways. Yes, I still eat things like bread… Read More

Birthday Parties I Hate

The Kindergarten birthday party circuit has begun. And now that I’m on my sixth kindergartener I have made a decision: if I can’t drop my kid off and leave the party then we won’t be coming. Sorry. Your child’s birthday is not important to me. Isn’t it enough that we… Read More

Epidural vs. Nonmedicated Childbirth

Nowadays pregnancy and childbirth are much more stylish than when I started bearing children in the mid-90’s. And it seems there are even more opinions about what’s right and what’s not right. (Of course my opinion is superior.) I feel like I can offer a different viewpoint than most women… Read More

Sweet Sixteen

As my children get older their age gets more disconcerting. Not that I don’t like them getting older–I do. It’s much more fun than I thought it would be. The day you get to show Pride and Prejudice to your daughter–and have her like it–is a great day, indeed. The… Read More

Story Problems for Today’s Mom

Good Gravy, the last few days have been crazy. When did summer get so busy? (Answer: this week.) I thought it might be easier to explain things as story problems, although I always hated them when I was in math class. Instead of figuring out the dumb problems, I always… Read More

Sparkly Colored Oreos

Colored Oreos are an adorable party treat. Think of the theme possibilities! Pink and purple for a princess party. Red and blue for a Superman party. Light blue and brown for a boy baby shower. Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Oooh, my imagination is running wild! These are white chocolate… Read More

The Rainbow Party

Because I have about a million kids I don’t do birthday parties very often. We have birthdays just about every month from December-June and I get pretty birthday-ed out. Plus it’s really expensive. Poor little Adelaide turned six this year and has never had a party so we figured it… Read More

Finn, as in Huckleberry

My poor son, Finn. Everybody thinks he’s saying “Ben” when he tells them his name. So now we just automatically say, “Finn, as in Huckleberry”. I’m sure there are probably people that still don’t get it but at least they won’t admit that they’re clueless. It was his birthday last… Read More