Take THAT, Maytag man!

I did a massive deep-cleaning of the refrigerator last night. Every surface was scrubbed with hot water and copious amounts of elbow grease. Consequently the temperature alarm started to beep, letting me know that I was letting out quite a bit of cold. Unfortunately the beeping never stopped. Not after… Read More

Red light, green light

You guys know I love Mister, right? He’s just not the handiest guy around.  As in not handy at all.  And apparently Christmas lights fall into the “handy” category.  We haven’t had them in years; not since we lived in Oregon and had some out-of-work Russians who would hang ours… Read More

More procrastination

The girls’ room is a mess.  Do you think I cleaned it up today? If you do, you must have never read my blog before. Of course I didn’t clean it up! I installed my new bathroom light fixture instead ($27.67 on ebay, thank you very much). Remember the old… Read More

Jennie the plumber

Do you know what this blog is turning into?  A narration of all the things I do when I’m supposed to be cleaning my house.  I hate cleaning my house.  How many times can I put the same dish in the dishwasher?  Or put the throw pillows back on the… Read More