Goals, and I don’t mean soccer

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They seem so forced, so contrived. This year, though, there are just so many ways I’m fed up with myself. So I’ve made about a dozen resolutions. Way to set myself up for failure! I’m a very firm believer in babysteps.… Read More

The mystery called Mister

My husband, Mr. Jennie, does not like to be blogged about. He finds the whole idea of blogging to be egotistical and embarrassing. He likes people to think we are incredibly normal and pleasant. (Then what was he thinking marrying me, you are probably wondering. He asks himself that question… Read More

Halloween Candy: A Scholarly Treatise

The appeal of Halloween is easy to see. It revolves around one of the most magical themes of childhood: free candy. I had a slavish, almost pathological devotion to sweets growing up. It drove me insane, INSANE, to watch my sister parcel out her Halloween candy stash. She would eat… Read More

Hobby Week–Knitting

Ten years ago I begged my friend Nancy to show me how to knit. I learned the very basics and started knitting this hideous thing: It’s a bandage for people with leprosy. Not joking. Our church sent them to lepers in very poor parts of the world. Making leprosy bandages… Read More

Hobby Week–Sewing

I have decided that this week shall be Hobby Week here at Beehive and Birdsnest. I like to collect hobbies which isn’t surprising considering I was born to two people who always had some “thing” that they were into. My dad leaned toward things that go. He was on the… Read More

No longer “app”rehensive

Excuse me for going AWOL. I finally, after months of hemming and hawing, got an iphone. My texting days of pressing the button three times to get an “s” are over. Praise be! On top of that I had to get a new hard drive for my laptop. All my… Read More

Who’s got the button?

Don’t you love buttons? They are just so cute. Why? I’m not sure. But etsy has about a million different cute button-related items. These would be perfect for so many pretty projects: Handmade ceramic buttons from MeltinMuddStudio This bracelet would be perfect for fall (only $15!) You have to see… Read More

The Creative Connection

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend The Creative Connection in Minneapolis. One of the Sponsors was Lark Crafts, a publisher of lovely craft books. Lark sponsored a contest featuring a prize of an all-expense paid trip to The Creative Connection. To enter I had to submit an… Read More