House pet hierarchy

I came back last night from my weekend in Minneapolis to find that my husband, one of the most vigilant cat haters alive, had gotten this while I was gone: The kids have been bugging to get a cat for ages. We already have a dog, though, which is at… Read More

Pony in the Apple store

There is a pony in the Apple Computer Store. And nobody notices. There is a picture. And you can read all about it. You should read all about it. Here. By Hildie | Filed under Good Things 6 Comments Share

Unemployed, but blessed

We are still unemployed around here. Not fun. Tempers flare easily. But even with that there are still blessings. We know the Lord is watching out for us even though The Big Blessing (a great job) still hasn’t happened YET. Namely because in the last week: 1) Mister has gotten… Read More

Done aaaaaand Done!

R.I.P ugly cheap faucet. This statuesque beauty has taken your place: Climbing around under the sink is hard on your back.  Not to mention a little oogie and claustrophobic.  But it’s ever so worth it.  Especially since the plumber who came to fix our water heater told me he charges… Read More

Rainbow Cupcakes

I’ve been devoting all morning to these. They are totally not worth the effort, by the way (but let’s hope the third graders in Arabella’s class appreciate them.) In case you’re super insane and want to make these, here is the easiest way to do it: –make a white cake… Read More

The changing table

The garbage man came yesterday which is always a big deal if you have a young boy in your house.  But it was a big deal for me too because I hauled a forlorn and dilapidated changing table out to the curb.  This changing table was bought at a garage… Read More

Victorian Grrrl Power!

The toys every little girl needs.  So hilarious!!! (even if they don’t pronounce it the right way.) By Hildie | Filed under Entertainment, Good Things 6 Comments Share

The old new dresser

Remember this heinous old thing? I bought it at Wimberley Market Days which is a really cute flea market held once a month in the darling town of Wimberly, Texas.  I went with Lorie from Be Different, Act Normal.  It’s not the kind of flea market that sells Sham-Wows and… Read More

Earth Day [groan]

Today is Earth Day. I happen to think Earth Day is pretty ridiculous. I think there is too much pollution and too much waste, but having a DAY where those ideas are forced down our throats?  To me it’s like Wal-Mart carrying organic food. All I can say is, “give… Read More


We have lived in Austin for not quite three years.  We all adore it (well, I don’t know if the kids do but who cares what they think) and never want to leave.   One of our favorite things about Texas is just . . . that it’s Texas.  You… Read More