A modest proposal (or Pie not Pi)

I’ve already admitted that I’m a mathist and that I hate all things number-related. Now that my children are getting older and bringing home more complex math assignments, it’s getting harder for me to respond to their whines of “why do we have to dooo thiiiiis?” At least when they… Read More

Pet peeves

Today I was driving around running errands (the single reason why Saturday exists) when I stopped near a corner store that advertised on the ugly sign out front that they offer homemade cookies. Now, unless someone is squatting in the back room of the mini mart, I’m guessing that the… Read More

Books and more books

The saga of my laptop is still not over. I got it back and it has decided to not boot up ever again. Even my huband/Mac wizard couldn’t get it to boot up. So back to the shop it went. The verdict is still out but the upshot is I’m… Read More

Super awesome parenting tip

Not to brag or anything but my kids behave pretty well in public (when you have a lot of kids, there simply isn’t room for a lot of naughtiness. One bad kid is just a handul. Six bad kids is a recipe for total insanity). Last week I took them… Read More

The cute yellow farmhouse

Like most teenagers growing up I thought that cities were The Best. There could be nothing better in the world than being surrounded by culture and coolness 24 hours a day. Maybe I figured that if cities were amazing, then I must also be amazing by virtue of living in… Read More

A bunch of stuff

OK, here’s the story: I don’t have a lot of interesting things going on in my life right now; hence my blog is pretty dull.  My life consists of me cleaning up after my kids and watching them eat snacks all day.  That’s it.  That’s my life in a nutshell.… Read More

Live. Laugh. Love.

Am I the only one who can’t stand the moronic idea behindLive. Laugh. Love.? I mean, what is this supposed to inspire people to do? Am I supposed to look at this sign at someone’s house and think, “Boy, I sure wanted to kill myself but then I saw that… Read More

A little Italian cheese

It’s just as I suspected after my happy post yesterday.  Nobody is interested in me when my life is good.  You only want the embarrassing/bitter/snotty Jennie. Will do! Here is a nice little story for you: it will make me sound utterly unsophisticated because it’s about food, and in that… Read More


I do not understand certain things: Why people dislike traveling when there are no kids involved. Sitting in a chair, albeit an uncomfortable one on a plane, with nothing to do but read books and eat snacks? Delightful! You would be correct in assuming that I’m pretty jazzed about flying… Read More

Don’t. Hate. Me.

All right you guys.  I try very hard not to be picky about what other people do.  Growing up I was notorious for correcting other people’s grammar.  Yes, it’s both obnoxious and unkind, and really who cares? If you want to drop the -ly off of your adverbs, be my… Read More