Lunch duty

I went and had lunch on Friday with Finn (our school is happy to have parents come and eat with their children.  Ugh.  That means I actually have to do it sometimes or my children feel left out and neglected).   I’d been shopping at Costco so I brought him… Read More


Here are some small but important things that have been on my mind lately: Get swimsuits in the early spring and pay full price.  Sadly, I have ignored this good advice in the past and have paid for it come June. It’s a hard pill to swallow for a deal-lover… Read More

2010: “The Word”

What is it this whole “theme for 2010” that is going around the blogosphere? Last year a few people were doing it: coming up with a theme word for their lives in 2009. Stuff like “excellence” or “positivity”. This year it seems like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.  I… Read More

Get-to-Know-Jennie Week, Day 3

I do not like the following: falling heights being tipped backwards or upside down spinning Can you guess where my least favorite place is? If you said “an amusement park” you would be right!  Pick just about any ride and I will most likely hate it.  Maybe I have inner… Read More

Get-to-Know-Jennie Week, Day 2

I am an oldest child, but I somehow missed out on that “responsible oldest child” thing.  I was a good girl for the most part. But responsible? Notsomuch. I got the worst grades ever. I’m smart but I’ve always felt like homework was silly and cramped my style. I nearly… Read More

Are you sick of dangerous drivers?

I was amused to read this article about Ford’s development of an ultra-safe inflatable seat belt. When are car companies going to realize that providing more safety is only backfiring?  Drivers feel too safe; too cocooned in their cars.  People are feeling invincible.  Ford has gotten it all wrong.  If… Read More