Would intestines be pink or red?

I was an avid colorer growing up. I wasn’t a good enough artist to make up my own artwork, I much preferred coloring someone else’s drawings. But not all coloring books are created equal. Even as a 9 year-old I understood that. On the bottom rung were the cheap coloring… Read More

I have barely posted anything over the past two weeks. As I mentioned earlier, it’s been a bit busy around here. This is the last week of school and I am both excited (no more early mornings!) and dreading it (Ada and Arabella were driving me insane this morning and… Read More

The Rainbow Party

Because I have about a million kids I don’t do birthday parties very often. We have birthdays just about every month from December-June and I get pretty birthday-ed out. Plus it’s really expensive. Poor little Adelaide turned six this year and has never had a party so we figured it… Read More

The doll head

A few weeks ago I noticed a weird little pink thing in my driveway. I went and looked at it and it turned out to be a decapitated head from some sort of doll. Random, I thought, that there would just be a doll head with no body in sight.… Read More

Finn, as in Huckleberry

My poor son, Finn. Everybody thinks he’s saying “Ben” when he tells them his name. So now we just automatically say, “Finn, as in Huckleberry”. I’m sure there are probably people that still don’t get it but at least they won’t admit that they’re clueless. It was his birthday last… Read More

Let’s pause for a parenting tip

This is a parenting tip that I just barely learned with baby #5. it’s so advanced and so counterintuitive that only the most advanced parents may employ it*: If your child starts to throw up, DO NOT pick the child up and dash madly for the closest bathroom. You will… Read More