Children Are Not All the Same.

Today is the 7th birthday of my youngest girl, Adelaide Amelia Clementine.  For her birthday she asked for a skateboard, a Texas Longhorns T-shirt, new tennis shoes, and a basketball hoop that is more her size. Can you say tomboy? (Sweet shot, Ada!) Finn, on the other hand, did not… Read More

Lice and Flowers

These are the first flowers I’ve cut from my garden this year. As trite as roses are, I love them. Love, love, love them. And the bluebonnets this year have been so gorgeously obnoxious, carpeting themselves everywhere. Here, I’ll show you. This is Arabella and Margaret at our friend’s farm.… Read More

Strawberry Fever

You know what’s nice about Texas? Strawberry season starts in March. It’s been Spring Break this week and our big outing was driving over an hour to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. (“Forget Disneyworld, kids, we’re going to pick strawberries in the middle of nowhere!”)  You’ve got to get… Read More

Finn and the Urine of Mystery

Today my son Finn is thirteen. That puts the number of teenagers at my house to three.  This is what I didn’t know about kids growing up: the older they get, the more fun they are.  Teenagers are really cool. Much cooler than toodlers and about a jillion times cooler… Read More

Shrinky Dinky Love

Hello my darlings, sorry to be so utterly neglectful but it’s been vacation time lately. I spent a few fun-filled days in Utah visiting my sister and her not-so-new baby. So ashamed that she was born in May and I’m just barely meeting her for the first time. That’s what… Read More

Not a Huggy Family

Sometimes I see families at church that are very cuddly with each other. They’re all sitting on the pew with their arms around each other. This is not us. This is not how we are. I view them like I do people who have clean laundry rooms: with admiration, bafflement… Read More

Birthday Parties I Hate

The Kindergarten birthday party circuit has begun. And now that I’m on my sixth kindergartener I have made a decision: if I can’t drop my kid off and leave the party then we won’t be coming. Sorry. Your child’s birthday is not important to me. Isn’t it enough that we… Read More

Hypnobirth: My Experience

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I am a fan of epidurals. But by my fifth baby I thought, I’d really like to know what if feels like to have a baby without pain medication. I would like to be able to say definitively which is better.… Read More

Silky Shorts and Other Horrors

I’m over at Segullah today posting this. But since I know you’re probably too lazy to click over there, let’s get a discussion going here too. I’m really interested in everyone’s opinions. My 14-year-old son, York, has a pair of bright orange silky shorts. I loathe silky basketball shorts. I’m… Read More

How To Have A Good Halloween

For How-To Tuesday I’m going to tell you how to have a good Halloween. So what if this is entirely non-applicable for another 364 days! You can memorize this list for next year. 1. Carve Jack-o-Lanterns. Roll your eyes when your 10-year-old daughter says that pumpkin guts make her sick.… Read More