Lunch duty

I went and had lunch on Friday with Finn (our school is happy to have parents come and eat with their children.  Ugh.  That means I actually have to do it sometimes or my children feel left out and neglected).   I’d been shopping at Costco so I brought him… Read More

All quiet on the Texan front

I always tear up a little when the kids walk out the front door on the first day of school.  I fix a nice breakfast to mark the specialness of the first day.   This year we ate yogurt and left-over Texas Sheet Cake. I forgot to buy bread, so… Read More

No more teacher’s dirty looks

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week at my kids’ elementary school.  I think teachers are great and I am ever so thankful that they agreed to do a difficult job for very little pay.  I do appreciate them.  Very much so. However, Teacher Appreciation Week is too much.   Let me just… Read More

Last day of school before the holiday

Dear Teacher, I couldn’t help but notice that heaping bounty of gifts on your desk today.  Especially when you decided to open them all with the children seated around you like a second-grade baby shower. Here is what I will be giving you this Christmas season: Your salary Love, Mrs.… Read More