Some Things I’ve Been Making

A couple of weeks ago one of my readers,Tiffny, pointed out that my blog has been really gross lately; weevils, lice, rats . . . Yep, I’m most definitely guilty.  It’s a strange thing when you blog; there is the group of bloggers who feel like they should present a… Read More

I’m Alive!

I pretty much vanished for the last couple of weeks. Partly due to relatives in town (we know who loves us by how often they visit. Hint, hint, relatives.) Partly due to being the Relief Society President when half the ward decides to move at the exact moment the other… Read More

It’s Hot Outside!

Number one news story: It’s hot in most of America. Good thing air conditioning was invented. I realize that a lot of people are without power and that it’s really sweltering. But up until about fifty years ago, that would have been the norm. Not only would it have been… Read More

Antique Mania

Last week amid the birthdays and lice and Easter preparations, Mister and I escaped to the Round Top Antiques Fair. I always write about this because it’s so completely great; when are you guys going to believe me and go yourselves? Who cares that it’s the middle of nowhere in… Read More

Strawberry Fever

You know what’s nice about Texas? Strawberry season starts in March. It’s been Spring Break this week and our big outing was driving over an hour to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. (“Forget Disneyworld, kids, we’re going to pick strawberries in the middle of nowhere!”)  You’ve got to get… Read More

Fun at Round Top

Before I lived in Texas I had never heard of the Round Top Antiques fair. Which is amazing to me considering that it is the largest antiques fair in the country. How big am I talking about? Over 300 acres of antiques, cool finds and crafts.  300 acres. Wow. It’s… Read More

Non-disco inferno

Hey, my house didn’t burn down last night! Great news! There are wildfires going all over the areas surrounding Austin (several miles away, but still . . . ) and we have many friends who have been spending the last couple of nights in hotels. We are far enough away… Read More

How to have a terrible block party

Tuesday night was the National Night Out. It is supposed to be the time when every neighborhood in the country has a party. Well, that’s not a lofty goal, is it? Being a block captain, it is my job to be in charge of our street’s party during the National… Read More

Living in Austin–The Critters

So, Austin is hot. And hot places have one thing in common: there are lots of critters. It only makes sense since it rarely gets cold enough to kill all the bugs and snakes. Yes, there are scorpions here. If you live in a house less than a year or… Read More

Living in Austin–The Land and the Weather

Austin is a great place to live. If for no other reason that every time you travel someplace else people will ask where you’re from and then reply, “Oooh, I love Austin!” Or “I’ve heard Austin is totally great!”. It’s nice to get that positive reaction, especially after living in… Read More