Story Problems for Today’s Mom

Good Gravy, the last few days have been crazy. When did summer get so busy? (Answer: this week.) I thought it might be easier to explain things as story problems, although I always hated them when I was in math class. Instead of figuring out the dumb problems, I always… Read More

Texas and H.E.B.

Oh wow, today’s Monday, isn’t it? I kind of forgot since the kids are home due to some sort of teacher training thing. I keep thinking Saturday is happening over and over. Especially since I had a sick child yesterday and didn’t go to church. I took a personal day… Read More

Our terrible secret

There is something going on in our family that I haven’t wanted to talk about. It’s been very traumatic for me and I’ve had a hard time dealing with it. But I need to be upfront. I need to get this out in the open. My husband likes country music.… Read More

Itching for a scratch

Central Texas has quite the infestation of mosquitoes this year. We had a very wet spring and now we are celebrating buy buying lots of cans of insect repellant. We have the typical dusk-loving mosquitoes, but this year there seems to be a brazen new strain of bugs that come… Read More

The cute yellow farmhouse

Like most teenagers growing up I thought that cities were The Best. There could be nothing better in the world than being surrounded by culture and coolness 24 hours a day. Maybe I figured that if cities were amazing, then I must also be amazing by virtue of living in… Read More


We have lived in Austin for not quite three years.  We all adore it (well, I don’t know if the kids do but who cares what they think) and never want to leave.   One of our favorite things about Texas is just . . . that it’s Texas.  You… Read More

A tale of two unrelated things

This is pretty hard to believe but I don’t have an iphone.  This is especially weird since we are a Mac-only household.  We thoroughly look down on PC users and wonder what is wrong with those people.  My husband waited in line all night when the iphone first came out… Read More


I just got back from taking my kids to the zoo.  This is all I have to say . . .  Texas is hot. The end. By Hildie | Filed under Family, Kids, Texas 9 Comments Share

Reading the map

Did you folks know that I have a BS in Geography?  I kid you not.  I’ve always liked looking at maps and learning about places.  Last night I was looking at the map of Texas (why fold laundry when there are maps to read?!) and I was struck with the… Read More


I like shopping at the local grocery store chain called H.E.B. Their prices are decent, but the reason I prefer them over the national chains like Safeway or SuperTarget (although I do like SuperTarget) is because they have all sorts of local brands.  Plus they have a huge assortment of… Read More

The mum of all fears

My freshman year of college I lived in an apartment (because I was simply too cool to live in the dorms, if you must know) with four girls from Texas.  They were from a little town in eastern Texas named Gilmer (not Gilmore!).  They told me all about Homecoming and… Read More