15 thoughts on “Aaaa-lee-luu-ia

  1. As an aside, my confirmation word was just shedcarbs. No joke. Thus, tomorrow begins the purge-myself-of-Easter-weight low carb diet.

  2. Wow! The ties came out awesome. The whole gang looks great. I'm giving props to India for indulging you with matchy-matchy outfits. My girls revolted years ago!

  3. Wow – how you can get all those kids all matchy like that (without complaining???) is amazing! They look great!
    My son dressed up today. A polo shirt, nice sweater and . . . basketball short that he thought were fancy and they totally did not match.
    Oh well.
    He is still risen!

  4. I love seeing this picture of your darling kids! And seriously? You made the skirts and ties!!?? Wow. Happy Easter Jennie!

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