I Have Sunk to Some Low Depths

Over the last week I have had about a quatrillion things going on in my life including volunteering at three schools (which I generally avoid because it pushes me to my limits), all sorts of church meetings, prom dress shopping, drivers license tests requiring two separate trips to the DMV (But I now have a child who is legal to drive! All I have to do is cough up an extra $100 per month for insurance!), book club, track meets, helping Mister make breakfast for the entire ward (homemade waffles with two kinds of homemade syrup), doing all the Easter crap and celebrating Ada’s birthday.

Oh yes, and I spent four hours picking nits out of people’s hair because ALL MY CHILDREN HAVE LICE. (OK, not India. She’s cured).  I also did the treatment where everyone’s hair is doused in olive oil and wrapped in plastic wrap. They must sit like this for three hours. And then everyone has to wash their hair two or three times to get all the oil out. And then nits must be picked. Basically, it was the worst Friday night I’ve ever had in my life. I was done with life by the time I went to bed.

Poor Ada had her birthday the next day. Because I could not get my act together after my long and gruelling week, I did not make a special lunch for her. She picked Chick-Fil-A as her meal of choice (We have started ordering the 64 pack of chicken nuggets for our family. It’s a little surreal).  I also didn’t make a special dinner. Instead I got chips, salsa and creamy jalapeno dip from Chuy’s Tex Mex. Ada doesn’t even like Chuys. But I do.

I did not even make a cake.  I actually took my kids to the cupcake shop and had everyone pick out a cupcake. I can’t get over how loserish I feel about this. Pretty much like the worst/laziest/most selfish mother ever. I simply could not muster up the energy. To my credit, though, I made rainbow cupcakes from scratch for Ada to take to school the day before.


And then there was Easter.

Something about the Resurrection makes people want to eat pork. Everyone here was so insistent about not wanting ham, though. They’re entirely sick of it, it appears. So I made this instead. Nothing says Easter dinner like bacon.


I ran another trillion errands today. My kids had a five day weekend and are finally going back to school tomorrow. I love them but they get on my nerves when they’re covered in blood-sucking bugs.  The good news is that the olive oil and high-quality lice comb have worked beautifully so they’re off to school in the morning!

5 thoughts on “I Have Sunk to Some Low Depths

  1. I can’t believe the schools there even allow home-made treats for birthdays. The schools in Utah only allow packaged store bought treats which is lame but certainly takes the pressure off me. Any week which involves lice/nit picking should equal a free ticket for the mom (you) to be relieved of any and all other mothering duties, so quit feeling guilty!

  2. Goodness gracious, that is quite a week. Give yourself a break sister! There is only so much of you to go around.

    As a side note- This year our elementary school banned all birthday treats! I was super stoked by this move (evidently pushed by the allergy issues that abound everywhere).

  3. Totally awesome post.

    I love the way you see your bad week.

    But, it’s over, and now it’s your birthday-week!

    Cheers! (and Chuy’s!)

  4. I think Ada is one of the prettiest children I have ever seen. And I’m sure she enjoyed the way her day was celebrated…I would have! You’re a fantastic mom. ♥

  5. Lice. An affliction that my mother was terrified off- for she had 6 daughters. She knew if we ever got lice, her life was over for a month. I don’t know how you are even alive, much less aware of a birthday at all. Kudos to you.

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