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I have blogging for five years now and much like a marriage, the conversation starts to lag after a while. Life gets busy and things happen and blogging seems like more of chore than a joy. Also, I love posting short funny little things on Instagram that I might have posted on my blog a few years ago. You can’t really blame me, though, because Instagram is so quick and easy. (Not following me on Instagram? Shame on you! I’m @heyhildie. Follow me and I’ll follow you too. Unless all you do is post pictures of your kids or dogs. Not that I hate your kids/dogs but if I don’t know the kids/dogs, it’s not so interesting. Even if I do know your dog, I still don’t care because dogs looks the same in pretty much every picture. Kids at least can have a funny expression.)

Jenni over at Story of My Life came up with a challenge to post every day in May. Even on the weekends (I’m going to need to find an app for that). She was clever enough to include writing prompts, since everyone knows the hardest part of blogging is coming up with an idea of what to write about.

Today’s prompt is to tell you my life story in 250 words or less. I don’t even know how long that is. About a paragraph? Oh, look! There’s a word counter right here in Word Press. Fancy! So here we go: Day 1 of the Every Day in May.

I was born and raised around Detroit, Michigan. It’s a grimy place and I never liked it. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. My sister was my worst enemy growing up but now she’s my best friend. We talk most days. My mother is pretty weird and eccentric and I think a lot of who I am is both because of and despite her. That’s true of most mothers, though. But my mom is particularly bold and strange.

I am pretty smart and have always been proud of that. Sadly I am also lazy. I always had terrible grades because really, who cares? Now that I’m grown up I realize I was spot on. Grades have nothing to do with anything when you’re a grown up. Confidence is about a million times more important but you can’t teach that in school. Good thing I’m confident too. I went to college and majored in Art History and Geography. I met my husband when I was 19 and we got married when I was 21. I was a tiny child and had no business getting married so young, but it’s worked out pretty well. We celebrate our 21st anniversary next month. That’s as long as my parents had been married when they split up.

I graduated from college when I was enormously pregnant with my first child, India. I adore being a mother which surprised everyone because I was a pretty mean person growing up. But you know how it is when you have kids: your heart cracks open and love floods your soul. I ended up being pretty decent at motherhood and decided to make the world a super awesome place by having lots of offspring. There were many complications along the way but I finally ended up with three boys and three girls.

Now everyone is in school all day and let me tell you, it’s the best. If you’ve got toddlers just keep going. You’ll get there and it will be wonderful. I spend my days now doing I don’t know what. Lots of church stuff and service. Guess I wasn’t really a mean person after all. I still try to learn things all the time. Grades may not be important but nobody likes a dummy.


Hey, that was way more that 250 words! Easy peasy! If you feel like perking up your blog, join in the Blog Every Day in May challenge. Even if you get a late start, just do it!


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  1. I am so glad you blog. Your blog is my favorite and probably the only one I talk about to my husband. So a whole month of posts for my Birthday month, makes me very happy. Also, love stories about your mom. Does she still have her blog? I once followed it from one of her comments and it made me laugh. I love people that are eccentric — they are so interesting especially in the Mormon church. I think what I love the best is that you are so honest about stuff I think about but don’t usually say out loud, so thank you for spending the time to write.

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